Mornington Crescent Sled Dogs

Our Philosophy: Lifelong Health, Fitness and Respect


People in northern regions have used dog teams for hundreds--perhaps thousands--of years as essential parts of life: transportation, hunting and protection. In the last two centuries, huskies have played crucial roles in human exploration at both poles, and in military maneuvers in the Canadian arctic and the French Alps. In the last fifty years, the services traditionally performed by sled dogs have largely been relegated to mechanical means like snowmachines and bush planes, and dog team driving has become substantially recreational and educational.

Our dogs are not kept as an essential aspect of our safety or economic well-being. They are part of the family. Our relationships with them are based on mutual trust and respect, and we all learn from each other. We run them, train them, race them and camp with them because they clearly thrive on the adventure every bit as much as we do!

The term we use to describe them, "sled pets," derives from our philosophy that they are not merely companion animals nor highly trained working athletes, but something that is a combination of both, and so much more.

While much of dog training is like teaching, we have found that the dogs have much to teach us. Where else can you find personalities who are consistently eager to work hard, play hard, easily forgive the mistakes of others and who respond positively to challenge?

Offering dogsledding adventures is a perfect way to share our love and admiration for these wonderful animals. We invite you to come and experience the world of sled pets. While you learn about working dogs and mushing, you may discover new elements of teamwork, communication and respect that transcend all species boundaries.